Lagoon Estates Ltd Fethiye Turkey Villas Apartments for Sale in Fethiye Turkey

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ü          Provide guests with ‘Welcome Pack’ on arrival

Why spend your leisure time shopping in crowded supermarkets, when you could arrive at your property to a fully stocked kitchen. Just fax or e mail us with your Detailed Shopping List. We will ensure everything is in place for you when you arrive.


Alternatively, order one of our Welcome Packs (see list for contents), that will at least ensure that you have the basics until you can do your own shopping.
ü  Detailed Shopping List : Cost of Goods + £ 15 Administration Fee
   Ø ‘Welcome Pack’ comprising: (Includes Administration Fee) : £ 35

(5 lt. of Water, 1 lt. of Coca Cola, 1 carton of Fruit Juice, 1 bottle of Wine or 4 Beers, 1 carton of Milk, Sugar, Tea, Coffee, 1 Bread, 1 packet of Cheese, 1 jar of Jam, 1 packet of Butter, 1 packet of Biscuits, Seasonal Fresh Fruit, 4 Toilet Roles.)