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ü            Full clean of property (usually undertaken on the day that the owner or guests arrive, or if necessary the day before)

Please note that the prices are quoted for each property separatly and for a cleaning during normal office hours. If the service is required out of normal office hours, the charge will be doubled.

Ø      Sweep and/or hover all floors

Ø      Remove curtains if dirty, wash, dry and re-hang if instructed to do so

Ø      Wash and dry blankets if required

Ø      Remove mosquito screens from windows and doors, clean screens and refit.  Report damage

Ø      Mop interior and exterior tiled and marble floors, including all terracing, balconies, stairs and pool surrounds

Ø      Clean all doors and windows

Ø      Clean mirrors, pictures and light shades

Ø      Dust all surface and polish all wooden furniture

Ø      Clean plastic furniture

Ø      Clean baths/showers, toilets, sinks and taps

Ø      Clean all kitchen appliances, worktops, cupboards (inside and outside), and any dirty crockery and utensils

Ø      Dishwasher(s) to be emptied and crockery and utensils put away

Ø      Airing of property

Ø      All foodstuffs left in the property will be disposed off when guests check-out

Minimum two sets of bedding and towels are required, one set will be in the property in use and the other set in a locked cupboard in the property for spare sets of linen and towels once cleaned. It is important that guests’ are informed that valuables should be placed in a secure, locked area such as the property’s safe, if cleaning services are used. This is for guests' peace of mind.


                   Cost of full clean of 2 - bedroom property is £ 30 per visit (includes 1x  laundry)
                   Cost of full clean of 3 - bedroom property is £ 35 per visit (includes 1x  laundry)
                   Cost of full clean of 4 - bedroom property is £ 40 per visit (includes 1x  laundry)


To include Washing & Ironing to a maximum equivalent of one washing machine load. This is the ‘Premier’ cleaning service where the property is cleaned thoroughly.


ü            Mid-holiday half clean of property (usually undertaken while guests in residence and halfway through their fortnight’s holiday)


Ø      Change all bedding and towels if instructed by the owner

Ø      Empty all rubbish bins

Ø      Clean all bathrooms

Ø      Sweep and/or hover all floors

         Ø      Mop interior marble floors & Balconies

Ø      Wash kitchen worktops and any dirty crockery and utensils

If you require just short mid week service (i.e. bed linen changes, bins emptying and floors freshened), the charge will be 50% of the Premier Cleaning cost.


ü            Laundry and Ironing


Any additional laundry not included in the Premier service cost will be charged at £ 10 per machine load (approx 5kgs). We would strongly advise any owners renting out their properties, to install or adapt storage space for the spare / clean linen that can be locked. We would hold the keys to this cupboard and it will only be opened by the cleaning staff to either take linen out or replace laundered items. The client will set the amount of linen to be available to the guests and how often they are to be changed. Our experience has shown us that rental guests will use virtually all the clean linen, thereby incurring large laundry bills for the owner. 


• Property Management

• Garden - Pool Maintenance

• Cleaning - Laundry

• Building - Renovation - Repairs

• Shoping

• Airport Transfers

• Advertising your property for rent

• Other Services